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Artificial Intelligence is the catalyst behind trial results.
Uncovers hidden knowledge.
Supports the decision making of professionals daily.
We fastidiously protect our clients’ confidentiality.
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Top News

I’m Head of Claims, Get Me Out of Here

aka "I'm Head of Claims, and I've Got a Very Bad Feeling About this Case" Suppose you're Head of Claims for a mid-sized insurance company. Your company prides itself on dealing fairly with the claims that cross your desk, and as a result, fewer than 2% of these claims enter ...
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Premonition is a Litigation Support Services Company to Watch in 2018

Litigation is a complex practice of law, with many sub-niches requiring specialization in a particular field. However, one thing that brings all litigators together, regardless of their practice areas, is the adversary process. On this list, you’ll find ten companies supporting litigators both in and out of the courtroom, as ...
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The Robot Lawyers are Here – Legal Analytics is Winning

Amid the dire - and somewhat overhyped - predictions of occupations that will be decimated by artificial intelligence and automation, there is one crumb of comfort. Yes, lorry drivers, translators and shop assistants are all under threat from the rise of the robots, but at least the lawyers are doomed ...
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Man meets Machine beats Man

After my well-known and uncomplimentary views on legal awards ceremonies (you know, the largely arbitrary and ultimately worthless ones the legal directories run) I never thought I'd be confessing that I actually attended one but last week that was the case and what’s more, I was asked to attend as ...
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Anecdotes, Analytics and Finding the Best Lawyer

Anyone who tells you "winning isn't important" usually doesn't have any skin in the game, or is a member of the legal profession, and whilst lawyers won’t profess that approach too readily, we have direct experience that it’s the case within many law firms. If many lawyers take an ambivalent ...
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Moneyball for Law: An Unfair Advantage?

The term "Moneyball," after the title of Michael Lewis' 2003 book on baseball and analytics, has become shorthand for any effort (in any field) that exploits market inefficiencies, through statistical analysis. In the burgeoning field of legal analytics, the potential success of Moneyball-esque strategies relies on two factors: 1. The ...
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AI in Law: 10 Companies to Watch in 2018

AI is advancing into the law field, but it is not replacing lawyers, just complementing them. AI helps lawyers predict what is relevant to a case by scanning documents and help cut down on the hours lawyers need to do this research. AI is disrupting the law industry by offering ...
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Premonition is a Leader of the Litigation Analytics Revolution

All of us who often speak and write about the ongoing revolution in data analytics for litigation have heard it from at least some of our fellow lawyers: “Interesting, but so what?” Here’s the answer in a nutshell. One often hears that business hates litigation because it’s enormously expensive and ...
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If Justice Can Be Blind, How Do We Know Judges Are Not?

If Justice can be blind, do we know that Judges are not? Why do certain lawyers excel before certain judges, and how can legal analytics help some clients to take advantage? In theory, a judge stands independent of the biases that malign most people’s decision-making. They are expected to weigh ...
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Premonition Review The Fabulous InsurTech Connect 2017

InsurTech Connect 2017 recently took place in Las Vegas and is described as ... “the world’s largest InsurTech event offering unparalleled access to the largest and most comprehensive gathering of tech entrepreneurs, investors and insurance industry incumbents from across the globe” On this basis, Premonition had to attend and show ...
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ALM Lists Premonition in -Top 20 Legal IT Innovations 2017

How did two boys who grew up together as north London neighbours end up assembling the largest database of lawsuits on the planet? That is what Toby Unwin and Guy Kurlandski, respectively CIO and CEO of Premonition Analytics, have done over the last three years since they cofounded the business ...
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Prepare for A Clash of Lawyer Vs. Artificial Intelligence

More than 50 solicitors, barristers and in-house counsel have volunteered to outsmart predictive software based on artificial intelligence in a ground-breaking lawyer v machine challenge. Lawyers will have a week to predict whether real PPI complaints were upheld or rejected by the Financial Ombudsman, before CaseCrunch, the new name for what ...
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