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Vigil – Real Time Court Monitoring

Hourly alerts from the World’s largest litigation database.

  • Hourly updates
  • Unparalleled reach – Reach down into results on a county by county level, or globally. Premonition’s coverage is larger than LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg combined.
  • Infinite granularity – Search venue, case type, judge, attorney, docket entries(e.g. set for trial), or keyword searches within documents.
  • API or CSV format – Import directly into Salesforce or your CRM system. Our competitors make you cut and paste.
  • Advanced filtering – No need to pay humans to read court documents. Our system reads 50,000 pages in under a second. Get exactly the information you need and only pay for what you use.

Great for:

  • Law Firm Business Development – 41,000 defendants a day are literally court ordered to look for a lawyer.
  • Lawyers – Get the latest updates on your cases delivered hourly.
  • Litigation Finance – Find the lawyers and lawsuits most suited to your investment criteria weeks before traditional lead services.
  • Law Enforcement – Automated court monitoring for persons/entities of interest. The work of thousands of agents, automated.

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