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Premonition, the World’s Largest Litigation database, mines Big Data to find out which Lawyers win before which Judges.
It is a very, very unfair advantage in Litigation.

A quick glimpse at our website should tell you several things:
This has never been done before.
Premoniton is the only company to know which lawyers win before which Judges across the World.
This information is very, very valuable.
Transparency is going to change everything.

Law is currently a Credence Good.
It is nearly impossible for a buyer to judge the quality of legal services they are purchasing either before or after delivery.
Unless they’re a Premonition client…
It will become harder and harder to sell a litigator’s services without being able to prove their worth.
Litigation and Law Firms will merge with legal analytics.
As the legal market is so opaque and broken, there are huge opportunities for Perception/Reality Arbitrage.

The change will be swift.
The change will be profitable (but only to early adopters).
We’re looking for someone who understands this.
Sees the opportunity.
Wants to lead the change.

We’re not looking for an employee.
We’re looking for a Partner.
It will require hard work.
Every great advancement has its detractors.
If you’re up to the task.

Please send a resume and covering letter to:

Nathan Huber
[email protected]

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