08 February 2018

Premonition Podcast with Jeff Seder on Moneyball for Horse Racing

Discussion with Jeff Seder, Entremanure, and Architect of Moneyball for Horse Racing


06 February 2018

AI on the Future Podcast with Richard Tromans

Discussing Legal AI, What to Expect in 2018 and the Reasons Why?


09 January 2018

AI on the Future Podcast with Dickie Whitaker

Premonition podcast talks to Dickie Whitaker, an expert on risk and innovation within the (re)insurance market.


13 December 2017

AI On The Future Podcast With Ty Sagalow

Interview with Ty Sagalow about Lemonade, Premonition & The Future Of Lawyer Selection


20 September 2017

The Podcast with an AI on the future : Guy Kurlandski, CEO at Premonition

An entertaining interview with our CEO, Guy Kurlandski, and against a backdrop of the imminent arrival of Hurricane Irma.

05 June 2017

Selling Disruption Podcast

Disrupting with Artificial Intelligence to Win in Court.

26 May 2017

Trial Technology and Lit Support Podcast

Toby Unwin talks Premonition and big data.

24 August 2015

Daily Podcast #42 : Toby Unwin from Premonition on Big Data & Legal Procurement Transparency

Toby Unwin from Premonition speaks about how big data will change the way we select our lawyers.

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