Muttley Dastardly LLP: If your clients know how good you are, you can charge more


I read with interest an article on the Legal Futures website – a website which is most interesting and has the finger on the pulse.  I quote from the opening paragraphs:

“The barrister and law firm with the top High Court win rates in England and Wales will be named later this month, Legal Futures has learned.

US website Premonition, which has studied the win rates of attorneys across America, is to publish the names after studying 11,600 High Court cases over the past three years.

Toby Unwin, co-founder of Florida-based Premonition, said the report would cover every law firm which instructed a barrister in the High Court in the last three years, along with the 1,500 barristers who had acted for them.

“If your clients know how good you are, you can charge more,” Mr Unwin said. “The top 20 people will get very expensive, but right now some of the best people are not being compensated.”

I have taken the liberty of highlighting in red the most important part of the excellent article – which is entirely consistent with our philosophy at Muttley Dastardly LLP

The photograph shows the amount of money in my wallet this morning, a smaller quantity  than is usual, but I have a fairly large vault at home where I keep a bit more loose change.

We must tell our clients at every opportunity how good we are. We must tell them of our very high hit rate of WINS and we must tell clients how we keep control of brief fees to the other branch of the legal profession who are more than keen to work for our firm just for the prestige, and when I say ‘just for the prestige’ I mean just that.  We don’t actually pay counsel.  We do give them a bottle of tap water and an Egg & Cress sandwich from Tesco (£1.10p)  which they eat in the main hall at The Royal Courts of Justice.

May I suggest that you read the Legal Futures article fully – in your own time, of course.

Dr Strangle-Ove
Senior Partner

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