Premonition Big Data Analytics


Premonition Shows You The Lawyers That Win; Driving Down Claim Losses and Legal Costs

“96% of insurance CEOs said, analysis of win rate is the best way to choose a lawyer”

Losses represent the largest cost to an insurance carrier. The best way to reduce “dollars out the door” is reducing the loss ratio, which can include negotiating rates for outside legal counsel.  Access to the world’s largest litigation database, will transform the process of lawyer selection and your management of legal costs.

Video : “Comparable win rates between attorneys, is great for the insurance industry”

We arm claims departments with unprecedented levels of data about attorney “win rates”, between specified courts,  jurisdictions, case types and even case durations.

Video : “Analytics that spot legal, exposure and litigation trends”

Armed with this information, Claims can:

(1) choose attorneys that win cases more often,

(2) make data-based decisions on Settlement vs Trial litigation strategy and

(3) more effectively negotiate legal fees

Video : “We’ve created Moneyball for Lawyer Selection”


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