Where Next for Premonition, the AI-Driven Litigation Analysis Platform?

Premonition, the litigation analysis company, which launched in 2015, arguably has been at the forefront of what has now grown into a major segment of the legal AI market.

Guy Kurlandski & Toby Unwin Photos for Premonition 2015

Guy Kurlandski & Toby Unwin Photos for Premonition 2015

Artificial Lawyer recently caught up with co-founder, Guy Kurlandski (right in picture), to find out where Premonition had got to since its launch and where it was now headed.

The first thing to note is that Kurlandski is not your usual legal tech pioneer. He’s neither a natural language processing (NLP) coder, nor a 20-something law graduate.

But, Kurlandski is multi-talented. He’s a co-owner of the Lucky Player vodka brand, a joint principal in Lionheart Capital Management, a co-owner of several property companies, the CEO of a printing company, and of course, he’s now the CEO of Premonition.

When we Skype between London and Florida, where Premonition is based, Kurlandski reveals that he grew up in Primrose Hill, that quintessentially British part of North London with its pastel-painted Georgian homes. It seems far away from the massive condos and sunny beaches of Florida, as well as being a pioneer in legal AI.

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