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Crunch time: Artificial intelligence and objective analysis

The 2016 Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) report found that ‘the legal services sector is not working well for individual consumers and small businesses. These consumers generally lack the experience and information they need to find their way around the legal services sector and to engage confidently with providers’. Stating ...
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New Legal Analytics Survey Ranks Massachusetts Law Firms

Continuing its state-by-state series of surveys examining America's highest-volume law practices, Miami-based artificial intelligence firm Premonition AI has recently released its list for Massachusetts. Regularly ranked as one of the wealthiest and most-densely populated states in the Union, Massachusetts boasts a healthy legal sector. Somewhat surprisingly, however, Premonition's results show ...
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Legal Analytics Firm Brings ‘Very, Very Unfair Advantage in Litigation’ to Indian Courts

This week, Miami-based legal analytics firm Premonition AI announced the launch of Premonition India, a new venture with JV partner LQ Global Services’ Ram Jethmalani and Karan Kalia. Premonition boasts the world’s largest digital archive of court data, alongside a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence tool, which allows users to analyze the ...
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The State vs. the People: Legal Analytics Firm Reveals America’s Most-Litigious Government Bodies

Suing the government is, in some respects, the ultimate exercise of a citizen’s freedom from tyranny. In the United States, most levels of government enjoy sovereign immunity: that is to say, they cannot be sued unless the government specifically waives its own right to immunity or is found to have ...
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Artificial intelligence and robotics are developing in almost every field and providing a real benefit to society and professions. This article will examine some of the ways artificial intelligence is benefiting the legal profession, but, at the same time, producing real fears surrounding ethics and job replacement. The Richmond Journal of ...
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Legal technology, commonly known as LegalTech, refers to software that enable lawyers to do their jobs more efficiently and cost-effectively. Though very much an emerging sector, LegalTech already comprises a $16 billion market in the U.S and is growing. Undoubtedly the biggest change in this burgeoning market —taking lawyers by storm—is the rapid rise ...
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New Legal Survey Sheds Light on World of Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

In 2014, Atlanta-area healthcare network Gwinnett Hospital was hit with a $13.8 million medical malpractice verdict over its role in injuries suffered by a newborn delivered in its facilities. The jury determined that Gwinnett’s nurses and mid-wife had failed to properly monitor the infant’s vitals during the delivery, causing the ...
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Walmart Sees More Than Ten Times as Many Court Cases as Competing Retailers, Premonition Analytics New Survey Reveals

"Nothing compares to the way Walmart litigates cases," says attorney Christopher Marlowe, quoted in a Bloomberg about Walmart's "out-of-control crime problem." According to new stats provided by legal analytics firm Premonition, no retailer can compare to Walmart's caseload either. Over the past three years, the Arkansas-based giant (which trades as Wal-Mart ...
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Legal Analytics Firm Ranks 2017’s Top Performing Barristers and Law Firms in UK High Courts

Much has changed in the 18 months since legal analytics firm Premonition released its initial report on the UK’s High Courts. Premonition’s report purported to make public, for the first time, performance statistics for barristers and law firms. Predictably, the report was met with outrage in many quarters, particularly among ...
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Artificial Intelligence Program Reveals Arizona’s Busiest Law Firms

While that headline might sound like something the Weekly World News would run on page 6, next to updates on Bat Boy and Clone Elvis' secret honeymoon, Miami-based software firm Premonition Analytics announced this week the latest in a series of revealing surveys of the American legal sector, focusing this ...
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Virtual law firm has highest “success rate” in senior courts litigation

A virtual law firm, Keystone Law, has beaten the big players to achieve the highest “success rate” in litigation in the senior courts, a report has found. Meanwhile Florida-based data analysts Premonition said litigants in person were more successful in winning cases as a group than lawyers. Keystone, an alternative ...
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Commercial Litigation and AI

Commercial litigation is an expensive, deeply unpredictable, resource intensive and risky business, so much so that a significant number of companies and individuals shelve the idea of pursuing a claim before even investigating the options. Sometimes, however, a claimant will have no choice but to get involved in litigation because ...
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